IT Offerings

We are a Gen Z global data, database, analytics and big data IT consulting company creating opportunities for clients from data created by all generations of their customers and machines. We offer technology services in Strategy, Consulting, Innovation and Execution.We deliver results to our clients and partners using a unique blend of experience, innovation and talent.

Our IT Consulting Offerings Portfolio


  • Big data, Cloud & Analytics Strategy in IT Roadmaps
  • IT Portfolio Re-structuring
  • Enterprise Business Continuity Validation
  • Competitive IT Adoption Assessment


  • Big Data, Cloud & Analytics Infrastructure
  • IT Infrastructure Best Practices Health Checkup
  • Enterprise Business Continuity Enhancements
  • Advisory CTO


  • Co-product Development
  • Enterprise Process Re-engineering
  • Solution Re-engineering
  • Vendor/Customer Liaison for Collaboration


  • Big Data, Cloud & Analytics Infrastructure
  • Project Delivery/Cloud Services Rollout
  • Co-sourced Managed Services
  • Interim Sourcing

Our Current Technology Offerings Portfolio


  • Cloud Services
  • Big Data Services


  • Enterprise Platform Services
  • Enterprise Business Solutions


  • Desktop, Online, Server, Mobile
  • Enterprise Business Solutions


  • Oracle, Cloudera, Tableau Solutions on On-Premise Infrastructure
  • Oracle, Cloudera, Tableau Solutions on Public Cloud (AWS, Azure etc) Infrastructure

Our Consulting Philosophy


Data is everywhere. Big data is growing to be very big. Not only we will show you how to find and capture it but also how to harness it to positively impact your bottom line. Our customers love us because we provide platform agnostic, vendor neutral, results driven strategic advice. Strategy that blends the advice that a grandpa passes on to his grand kids with a delivery model that enables rapid, real-time and distinct experience for the digital social customer of today. Advice that comes from rich experience, continued learning and market relevancy.


We provide consulting services to our customers to help them leverage the latest technology trends to their respective organizations advantage. We deliver what we create with excellent care towards service. Service that a grandma would serve you for dinner, caring and fulfilling. Service that blends the one on one attention that you receive at your corner store along with the agility and diversity that a global workforce brings. Service that brings our customers and their good friends back to us for a serving.The very service that we put to regular use across all our consulting practice.


Innovation is a key ingredient of everything that we create for our customers. Innovation that puts our customer businesses at the forefront of their competition in the marketplace. Innovation which transforms our customers from market players to market makers. We create solutions that produce results. Results, that are tangible and those that create sustained growth opportunities for our customer’s.


Executing great shots around the green with a great deal of confidence doesn’t come easy. Perfect execution comes with practice. A skill that is learnt with experience, prior delivery and critical thinking. At DataMagnus, perfect execution is at the core of all successful services that we deliver to our valued customers. Whether we layout the plans for you or you share yours with us, we will help you to execute them. With us executing your projects, you can be confident of building better solutions for your company and in taking your shots on the green. Confidence, that will help you produce results. Both, on and off the green.