Company Background

DataMagnus, a global IT consulting company was founded in 2013 by an Information Technology (IT) leader with a proven track record of bringing in change, innovation and results. The team comprises of strong advisory and management members who were and continue to be accomplished technology leaders and senior level executives at Fortune 500 companies.

Our client facing consulting team members come from excellent education backgrounds in Computer Science, Management, Marketing, Social and Digital Media, Sales and Program Management. Our senior advisory and consulting team members have an average of 15+ years of industry experience. They have unparalleled experience in managing multi-million dollar budgets, global IT transformation projects and world class talent.

Our execution team members have practical hands-on experience and have executed successful projects for clients in Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharma , Retail and Logistics industries. Our teams continue to deliver successful IT programs and create IT solutions that help companies realize global CEO ,CIO office goals and strategic vision.

Whether it’s creating a multi-year global IT analytics and big data roadmap or delivering a 6 month agile go to market cloud adoption strategy, we do it with equal consistency in both quality and success. We accomplish this by listening to our clients challenges, putting the best and viable technology to use and by backing all this up with excellent execution team.

On top of this, we keep an active dialogue with several industry leaders and practitioners that help us in delivering wise solutions for our clients unique technology needs.

Our History


Our Birth

In June of 2013, our founding partner came up with the business plan for our company. DataMagus was born in July 2013.

In working for several IT leaders in various industries over a period of 15+ years, our founder saw the need for a global Gen Z IT consulting company that can deliver innovative products and services to customers with sole focus on niche areas of data, databases, analytics and Big Data.

The name itself, DataMagnus was born out of two things. One, the founder’s belief in the power of data (Data) to organizations and it’s greatness in value. (What word can symbolize greatness ?) Second, the challenge our founder had in pronouncing the name of a new colleague at work. This name is “Magnus Hjorleifsson” (Magnus).

And like that ( Data + Magnus = DataMagnus ) takes shape.


One Year Later

In July of 2014, our founder resigns from his day job to focus full time on boot strapping DataMagnus. The company’s brand and social presence get established and DataMagnus takes shape during the next few months. October 2014, we land our first client.


We complete 5 projects for 2 clients in 2 business verticals.
We establish industry partnerships with 2 new product vendors.



We are the future of data driven innovative IT services. We take great pride in what we have delivered to our customers so far, yet we stay grounded in the present and make ourselves ready for a great future. Join our team for creating a better future, for us and for future generations. We are DataMagnus.

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